How To Play Minecraft For Newbies

How To Play Minecraft For Newbies. Everything you need to know as a beginner in Minecraft

Description: Minecraft for all of you that don’t know what minecraft is. Or if want to learn how to play, Then this is the article is for you!

How To Play Minecraft For Newbies

Hey guys it’s Arno here and welcome back to another explanation of what Minecraft is and how to play it.

This is a tutorial for beginners only or people who have never seen minecraft before if you’re an expert already you probably won’t learn anything this article but feel free to read it you might pick up a thing or two.
Alright so I actually decided to make This tutorial because of my friend that was like what is minecraft? What is this game why is it so good?
I am going to tell you exactly why it is so good and exactly why it is one of the most played video games in the world

So to start off you get single player and multiplayer modes and like any good game should have they’re basically the same multiplayer it just lets you play with other people online.
It’s pretty self-explanatory, you can do basically the same thing on both so we’re going to explain how it works.

In single player to make it a bit easier you get worlds and you can also create offline worlds. The idea is that it’s your world and you can create different worlds where you can do different things

When you create a world you need to name it so that you can identify it later after you have created multiple worlds on most most single player games and most servers as well or factions is that but we’ll get into that later.

There is also a survival mode and you search for resources crafting gain levels health and hunger. There is no end to the game and you can keep surviving mode forever and even if you die you just re spawn anyway so it’s not really survival but you will understand it better as we explain.

Creative Game Play

You could almost call it the legit and default version of the game
and then you’ve got hardcore which is just the more hardcore version of
survival whereas if you die once then the game is over you cannot keep playing. Creative game play is a very popular game mode in Minecraft with unlimited resources, free flying and destroy blocks instantly.

Creative Game play is for people who wants to build massive projects like computers in minecraft. Creating new maps or even recreating maps of other games like Borderlands or Gears of War is a fun way to show off to friends and YouTubers..

It just basically looks good and is pretty much fun creating buildings
and exploring and working out new technologies in minecraft

Kanga Esports has put a great video together on how to play Minecraft and some valuable tips and walk through for beginners. This video explain explains how to create a world, how to play offline and survival mode on Minecraft.

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